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AlRawabi Arak -- Country of Origin: Jordan.  Alc. by Volume: 50%

Triple distilled from the finest alcohol and premium Jordanian Anisee, AlRawabi is strong, yet smooth.

619 Vodka  Country of Origin: USA.  Alc. by Volume: 40%

Comes in 4 flavors.

French Premium Brandy.  Country of Origin: France.  Alc. by Volume: 40%

Castle D'Ajac XO French Brandy is distilled from exceptional French wines.  The prolonged ageing process provokes the intensification of the complexity of the aromas and finesse required for an exceptional brandy.

French Premium Vodka.  Country of Origin: France.  Alc. by Volume: 40%

Veved Ice vodka is created using the finest grain and filtered through diamond dust.  Distilled 5 times with a unique filtration process, giving this vodka an enhanced smoothness.

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Batroun Arak --  Country of Origin: Lebanon. Alc. by Volume: 65%

Batroun Arak is distilled from quality grapes.  Great as an aperitif: 1 part arak, 2 parts water, add ice and enjoy!